Us Immigration Case Study

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Q4 The ethnic groups of people in United States of America (USA) are 79.96% white, 12.85% black, 4.43% Asian, 0.97% Amerindian and Alaska, 0.18% native Hawaiian and other Pacific island and about 15.1% of the total US population is Hispanic. There is an inequalities in US between the immigrant and the American-born natives. In 2000, the average immigrant earned about 20 percent less than their American-born counterpart. In 1940, a typical immigrant earned nearly 6 percent more. The second generation earned 6.3 percent more than American-born workers in 2000, compared to nearly 15 percent more in 1970 and almost 18 percent more in 1940. Some of the difference in immigrant's earnings reflects the dramatic change in the economic and ethnic
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