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Asian American Gerald Trahan ETH/125 July 21, 2011 Jere Wilson Asian American The Asian American population of 17.3 million people in the United States as of 2010, which comprised of 5.6 percent of the total population in the United States, was a higher number then I was expecting. And also 2.6 million people that are Asian American that are five and older speak Chinese at home and more so after Spanish, Chinese is the most widely spoken non-English language in the United States. Fifty percent of Asian Americans that are twenty-five years or older have a bachelor’s degree or higher level of education, where it compares to twenty-eight percent of all Americans in that group. This number almost doubles all the other groups. Eighty-five…show more content…
With a degree from these types of colleges a graduate usually will make their way into upper echelon of the United States workforce. However, Asian Americans only hold less than two percent of top corporate jobs. The average income of an Asian American in the year of 2009 was approximately $68,780, which is the highest among all race groups. However, the poverty rate of Asians in 2009 was up to 12.5 percent from 10.6 percent in 2007. Researchers, supported by Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, Pfizer and Time Warner, conducted 2,952 surveys of working-aged men and women and gathered qualitative and quantitative data to conclude that many Asian-Americans, whether immigrant or native born, find it hard to "fit in" the upper management ranks. The projected percentage increase between 2008 and 2050 in the population of people who identify themselves as Asian in the United States will increase by one hundred and sixty-one percent, which compares with a forty-four percent increase in the population as a whole over the same period of time. There will be approximately forty million United States residents by the year 2050 that identify themselves as Asians and hold about nine percent of the population in the United

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