Should the British Police Be Armed

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Should British Police be armed? Since the 19th century the British Police force's as we know them have been unarmed. Should we keep it that way? In the UK, guns play a small part in our society. They are rare and hard to get access to, having very strict licensing laws. The pro-arming argument is that the Police would be a deterrent and would protect the officers. People who say that arming the Police would be a deterrent use other armed countries as an example of why we should have it; I don't believe this is an accurate view of the matter. Worldwide 2011 crime statistics show that in the USA there were 12, 664 murders, and 8,583 were caused by firearms. Compared to the UK where 648 murders where only 58 were caused by firearms. Using the USA is not a good example to USA as we know that they have more guns and easier access to firearms than here in the UK, so guns are going to play a bigger part in their culture than us. Looking at mainland Europe, taking Spain as an example their Police force is armed and their crime rate is The second part of my argument, is protecting the Police officers, also in my view, there is no point in arming them. The UK already have use of non-lethal weapons for assistance, mainly CS spray and taser guns. These allow the Police officers to disable the violent of dangerous suspects, without having to use a lethal method of force. The armed Police would not shoot to wound, they would shoot to kill, and keep in mind that we still want the criminals to go to court of potentially jail for what they have done. The heartbreaking event of the two Police officers from Manchester Police force was a terrible event. The officers thought that they were going to a routine 999 call of someone's window being broken in, this all changed when a heavily armed, violent man turned up with a gun threatening to shoot both of them. That's exactly what

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