Gun Control: Are We Violating The Second Amendment?

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Jennie Kartchner English 1010 Bryce Dixon Tuesday/Thursday 11/13/2010 Gun Control: Are we violating the Second Amendment? Gun control, as we know it, consists of the government restricting the ability of individual citizens to purchase weapons. The different types of gun control vary from waiting periods between when you purchase the gun and when you actually get it, background checks so that high-risk people can't purchase guns through legal channels, and completely banning certain types of guns. With the Second Amendment giving American citizens the right to bear arms, and approximately fifty percent of Americans owning some form of a firearm, issues involving the ownership and possession of guns…show more content…
These gun owners maintain that an unregulated right to bear arms is guaranteed to citizens by the 2nd amendment and this position received support in a Supreme Court decision issued in 2008 which disallowed a Washington D.C. complete ban on handguns. Opponents of gun control argue that gun owners often use their weapons to deter crime and that handguns are most commonly used for this purpose. “Research also shows that many laws do not significantly diminish the number of guns used in violence, although many advocates of gun control assumed they would” (Zimring 48).Some studies have shown that such defensive use of weapons occurs at a much greater rate than the extent to which weapons are used in criminal activity although the validity of these studies is in dispute. Gun control opponents are generally law abiding citizens who put greater trust in individualism than in the government to protect their safety. They are concerned that each step toward greater gun control will lead to the eventual confiscation of all firearms. Gun control opponent groups spend far more than gun control supporters on campaign contributions. Opponents of gun control, including the National Rifle Association, better known as the NRA, argue that the "right to bear arms" is guaranteed in the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and licensing restrictions penalize law-abiding citizens while in no way preventing criminal use of handguns. As the National Rifle Association puts it, “Guns Don’t kill People—People Do.” It is also argued that by making it difficult for guns to be bought and registered for the American public there is a threat to the personal safety of American families
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