Should Teenage Mums Be Encouraged to Keeps Their Babies or Give Them Up for Adoption

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There are many reasons why teenagers should give their babies up for adoption. If babies are left with teenage mothers, there is a chance that they will be neglected and won’t have a very stable life. If the parent chooses to look after the child, they might not be able to afford it and they might have to drop out of school. Raising a baby is very time consuming and this makes it difficult for the parent to work. Whereas, if the child is adopted the mother can work, get an education and spend time with friends. There can still be a relationship between the mother and the child through updates and visits through the adoptive parents. The couple wanting to adopt have to be wealthy enough to raise the child. They need to be married or in a relationship for over two years and be in good health. This way the child will have a stable life and get a good education. The child will have an environment that is enjoyable and a good place to grow up in. If the child stays with its original parent, it is likely that the mother won’t have very much time to spend with the child because she will usually be in school, might have a part time job and will want to socialise with friends. This can lead to not finishing her education and not being able to work. This is a bad choice because later on she won’t have a well-paid job and that leads to not being able to afford to raise her child. Therefore the child will have a better life with the adoptive parents. There are lots of desperate couples that want to have a family, but are unable to because they have health problems, genetic or age related issues. Some of these health problems are due to infertility. Some parents can’t have children because they don’t want to pass on a genetic related disease they have or one of their other children has. The mother may be too old to have a baby and if the mother is over 40, it can put

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