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Vulnerable Mothers and Children HCA 340 Special Populations Instructor: July 28, 2014 In this paper I will analyze the barriers to medical services that vulnerable mothers and children have to endure. “Vulnerable populations include group of people whose health care needs exceed the average or who are a greater risk [than the average person] for poor health status and health care access.” (Christine Ferguson 2007, p.1359). When women get pregnant too young they become vulnerable due to their lack of education. It becomes too hard for them to continue school and raise a child at the same time. The lack of education leads to further development of barriers such as a financial barrier and poor lifestyle that makes them unable to provide for themselves and their child. Most jobs that do not require a high school diploma only offer a minimum wage and do not offer adequate benefits to meet all medical needs. “key indicators of health, infant mortality rates and low-birth weight rates, were elevated when infants were born to mothers who were less educated” (Flores et al,1998). Considering that statement I believe that the biggest barrier affecting this vulnerable population’s health is education. Vulnerable mothers that do not finish getting their education become discouraged and loose the motivation and drive to tackle the oncoming challenges that life brings, creating for them another barrier on the micro level; it being a financial barrier. “Poverty and economic loss diminish the capacity for supportive, consistent, and involved parenting and render parents more vulnerable to the debilitating effects of negative life events” (Vonnie C. McLoyd, 1990 p.311). Not being financially stable brings on a lot of stress that impacts the relationship between the mother and child. Education has a large impact on a person’s life and it can change it for the better.
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