Should Marijuana Be Legalized In Washington Essay

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Ryan Martin Speech and Communications Write up Marijuana Legalization in Washington Should Marijuana be Legalized in Washington? That is quite the debate. There are many sides to why it should or should not be legalized, ranging from personal opinions, to effects and outcomes; Truthfully, there is a lot of reasons for saying yes and saying no. In my case, I strongly appose the idea. Marijuana is indeed a drug that effects your senses, and your ability to grasp your surroundings and what is actually going on. Sure this is all fine and dandy if your at your home just relaxing, but you have to look at the bigger picture what this may cause. There are very few states that have Marijuana actually legalized as of today’s date. One of those states being California. So for starters, a mass majority of Marijuana users have been using other illegal drugs that have a way worse effect then Marijuana. These kind of people also bring trouble to the streets and the civilians that just so happen to get in their way. So how does this have to do with Marijuana? If Marijuana was legalized in Washington, much like California, it will have a steady increase of people moving into…show more content…
When Marijuana is illegal, you have to find a drug dealer or someone who sells it. This can indeed be dangerous; but that also helps keep some people away from perusing it. If you were able to have a friend or someone you know buy it for you over the counter, yes it would definitely be safer; but it will be pretty much in the hands of anyone who wants it now. And having a increased population of people smoking pot will not benefit in anyway. It will only make the people become even more lazy then what we already are. On top of that, it can really strongly effect the younger generations. Such as middle schoolers getting high and not caring about their education, or neglecting there everyday

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