Legalizing Marijuan Introduction To Ethics And Social Responsibility

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Legalizing Marijuana Pamela Horton SOC 120 Introductions to Ethics & Social Responsibility George Greaves October 29, 2012 Some people believe that marijuana is not a drug it is a plant. Many my agree that it is a natural herb planted to help cope with stress of everyday hectic lives. Anything that alters your state of being, or have you doing things out of the norms is a drug. The pro-legalization argument was that if we legalize marijuana it could not be controlled and the efforts to try to control marijuana uses causes more problems than they solve. I feel that if we legalize marijuana we would have a bunch of fried brain lunatics running around committing all kinds of crimes. In this paper explain what marijuana is and…show more content…
Production and sales of marijuana by the government rather than by criminals, will save lives, create jobs, and generate money which can be used for social program, education, health care (Beccasurez 85 Oct 2008). Crime related to marijuana production, tariffing and dealing will be reduced or eliminated. A user might see this as freedom for anyone, regardless of medical status, to use marijuana for therapeutic reason without the approval of a physician, or diagnosis of specific medical condition. By setting an age limit on the marijuana use, there can be stricter controls on whether younger people can access it. Other arguments are more positive and are focused on free will and potential benefits of marijuana use. The right of every individual to determine what they consume, and how they influence their own state of…show more content…
The inability for employers to have a drug free workplace, since they will no longer be able to give the employees drug test for marijuana. It would send a permissive message to young adults that drug use is acceptable. This creates to the public perception that marijuana is not a serious or harmful drug, when in fact, it lead to numerous mental and physical harm. Loss of control over medical marijuana by physician. In consistency with other laws for example, if a state legalizes marijuana, this conflicts with federal laws, and this leads to confusion in the public and among law

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