Legalizing Marijuana Essay

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Daniel Estrada April 19, 2012 The Legalization of Marijuana When people visualize drugs they usually picture a harmful drug like heroin or cocaine, which are very harmful drugs, but not all drugs are. Marijuana is actually shown to be beneficial to the economy and on the health of people and it should be legalized. Anthony York’s article "Doctor group wants pot legal; California Medical Assn. questions marijuana's medicinal value but urges it be regulated as alcohol is." from ProQuest, quotes a group of doctors “"There's good evidence that [marijuana] has medicinal value," he said.”Can you say it's 100% bulletproof? No. But the research we've done at the center shows it's helpful with certain types of pain."” The doctor is talking about…show more content…
There are a limited amount of cops a city has and they are valuable resources that are being wasted on a futile cause. The article from Sirs “At Issue: Marijuana Legalization.” states that “Advocates for the legalization of marijuana say the criminalization of marijuana possession wastes law enforcement resources.” Cops should concentrate on other crimes such as burglaries, assaults, domestic violence, abuse and many others instead of wasting their time on small problems such as marijuana which isn’t causing anyone harm except for the taxpayers. Thousands of innocent people are dying due to drug violence and police aren’t doing enough to fight it. According to the article “At least 40 killed in drug violence in Mexico in 24 hours; Zetas cartel behind weekend massacre.” by Philip Cauldfield in DailyNews, “More than 40 people throughout Mexico were slaughtered this weekend in violent clashes between one of Mexico's most ruthless drug cartels.” Apparently the cartels were fighting with a rival gang over territory and 40 innocent people died that one night. Millions of innocent people are killed every year due to this violence. In the last 4 years, 35,000 people have died in the drug war and many more will die because police resources aren’t being used
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