Should High Schools Give Out Free Condoms? Essay

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Should High Schools Give Out Free Condoms? Do you want to be pregnant at sixteen or have an STD? Today more teens are becoming sexually active, yes there are the few who are not but majority is. Every day numerous amounts of teens are putting themselves at risk of becoming impregnated, acquiring sexually transmitted diseases, and emotional distress. That's why high schools should distribute condoms as soon as possible to decrease these risks. Being sexually active without completely understanding the precaution that should be taken before doing so can lead to many consequences. For some teens they don't think a thing about that, so they go off and have sex with or without a condom. If schools provided teens with condoms without question the risk of pregnancies and STD’s would greatly decrease. If teens were provided condoms by their school many would choose the more responsible choice to use one. Those who are against the distribution of condoms in school, argue that it encourages teenage sexual promiscuity. However that is a misconception because teenagers are very capable of making mature decisions, they just need to be better informed on what options are out there. If condoms were provided by high schools, teens who engage in sexual intercourse would be at a lowered risk of contracting an STD or getting pregnant. Society blames media for teenage promiscuous behavior rather than facing the fact that kids nowadays are becoming increasingly sexually active whether it's something they saw on television or not. "According to the New York Times, a study carried out by the American Academy of Pediatrics in April 2006, twelve-to fourteen-year-old teens exposed to sexual content through music, movies, television, and magazines are twice as likely to become sexually active within two years." (American Academy of Pediatrics) All though this upholds some truth to

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