Should Expectant Mother's Get Paid Throughout The Duration Of Their Pregnancy?

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In most cases, expectant mothers should not be given paid maternity leave for the duration of their pregnancy to promote healthy development. The government is the one's who pay the expectant mothers for when they take maternity leave once the baby is born, therefore the government should not have to pay for mothers during their pregnancy. If the expectant mothers are working and can live with their work pay, why would they need to be paid extra for the simple reason that they are pregnant? They do not need the extra money. In some cases however, if the expectant mother is very sick during the pregnancy, it is understandable to be paid during her pregnancy so she can pay for the medication to help with morning sickness. If the governement paid expectant mothers while they are pregnant, then some woman may continue to get pregnant then abandon their baby's so they can continue to get money. If the expectant mothers are working, and are receiving pay from their work, and living off that pay, they do not need the extra money from the government just because they are pregnant. There are other people in this world who are in need of that money instead. It would not be right if expectant mothers were to get money added to their work pay. What would be the point? There is not a point in doing so. The expectant mothers would do just fine financially before they got pregnant, therefore the extra money would be a complete waste. They would get so used to having extra money just handed to them that they would have a difficult time getting back into the routine of not getting the extra money from the government. In same cases, the expectant mothers getting paid is acceptable. If the expectant mother is very sick from morning sickness, it is understandble for them to get the extra money so they can pay for the medication to help with the morning sickness. As restated by
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