Identified the Impact of Government Spending on Mothercare

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In this assignment am going to explain why sonali needs to plan her spending and saving. I will also explain why it’s important about emergency planning and remaining in credit. It`s very important to plan spending and remaining in credit otherwise she will end up being in debt. It’s very important for sonali to plan her spending and saving because without a plan or personal budget sonali will spend money on unnecessary things and she won’t have enough to cover for important staff and she won’t even have savings. If sonali doesn’t plan her spending and savings then she will be in debt. No one wants to be in debt because it leads to unnecessary pain and stress and also she will have to pay higher interest. Having a spending plan and savings one will help sonali to make sure she doesn’t more than her income and won’t get into debt. Having a spending plan means you can study where you spend your money and how much you’ve been left with. Having a spending plan also helps you judge your spending and savings you could study it and see if you can improve and reduce you spending. Sonali needs to plan her spending otherwise she will not be left will sufficient amount at the end of the week or month if she spends money on things she doesn’t need to. If sonali plan her spending then she will know exactly where to spend money. Sonali needs cheaper form of credit because without it there is no drive through. Sonali must make sure that she doesn’t spend more than she earns, if she spends more than she earns this could lead to debt and she won’t have no savings and she will have debt. Sonali needs a cheaper form of credit, the reason for this is because is she gets a loan then she would have to pay higher interest so she needs to choose the best one that suits her. This is good for her. If she chooses a good cheaper form of loan then she wouldn’t have to pay

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