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The question that most of our psychologist wonder, Can a man be destined to live of crime at there birth or is it the events they live in there life that made them chose the path of crime? Most of the peoples believe that it is impossible that a small child that can be consider as innocent can become a hideous , horrible, terrifying monster such as a serial killer. As for the other they believe that we corrupted the society so much that it is perfectly normal that some of our children grow up to become those monster. Since serial killer, is a subject that interest many people, the psychologies decided to take a look in there mind, and try to find out how those people ever saw the day light? There action created many goal for some of them.…show more content…
Well The first definition of the serial killer was first used by John Brody in 1966. His definition of serial killer was to explain the act of killing a lest 2 or more people. The crime is committed as separate events, usually, but not always. This crime a created by one offender acting alone. His definition was used in the National Institute of Justice in 1988. As for Steve Egger, he uses six characteristics to explain definition of serial murder, such as There are a minimum of two murders, the killer and victim are unrelated, the murders have no direct connection to each other and occur at different times, the murders usually occur at different locations, victims may have characteristics in common with earlier or later victims and the murders are not committed for material gain but for gratification based on fantasies. In 2003 ( Need to check) Dr. Lewis found out that serial killer have more then one characteristic, with one and the…show more content…
Lewis, started by being the psychologist at (Name of the prison), a prison for kids. In her searcher she found that many of them that was send here for more serious crime. They all had something in comment. Such as they were all abuse or beaten. Most the kids had scar that shouldn't be there. Also many of the kids were place in many different foster family. Those sign made her wonder if all those kids had the same characteristic, could the serial Killer also have the same characteristic with each other? After she interview 200 of serial killer, Dr. Lewis found that that serial killer had three characteristic in common. With the help of ___________, Dr. Lewis have found that most the serial killer, had brain damage, they were abuse mentally, physically or sexually. They also have mental illness. Those that responsible for scaring the child, are sometime stranger, but mostly it friends or family that will make the first move. Dr. Lewis talk about some of her patience in a documentary, explaining her theory of serial killer being made and not bored. The first person she talk about is Terrence Wainwright. Terrance was guilty of killing his wife, her daughter and a little boy. With talking with Terrence and some of his family member we found out that Terrence, was beaten by his mother. Either with a belt, a shoe even with her own hands. He also saw his mother killer his father after a being abuse by him. In this part of his life Dr. Lewis saw that Terrence was abuse

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