Ressler and Douglas

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Compare of serial murders investigators Timothy F. Goodson Albright College Crime and Justice This is the critical and comparative analysis of the two books that were required readings for this Advanced Criminology Seminar. The two books tied " Whoever Fights Monsters " by Robert H. Ressler and "Journey Into Darkness" by John Douglas. In this comparative analysis I will look at the differences of the a of the authors Ressler and Douglas, their differences in profiling, and my personal reaction to both of their books. In likeness both Ressler and Douglas were career agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The investigated violent crimes that came came under the jurisdiction of the FBI. As they both progressed in their career they began to study why some offenders committed violent crime and some who became serial killers. In the Ressler book “Whoever Fights Monsters” the violent offender was wrote about. Ressler wanted to show the offenders make-up of why they committed violent crimes, how their family dynamics at their early ages might have caused their violent behavior. Ressler focused a majority of his writing around some of the well known serial killers and violent offenders with such names as Manson, Bundy, and Kemper. When he was a instructor with the FBI in Quantico Virginia Ressler lecturer in criminology courses and talked about Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, David Berkowitz and Texas killer Charles Whitman. This courses he taught to local police officers who would come to the Quantico Virginia FBI school (Ressler 37) While teaching at Quantico he developed relationships with police officers from around the country which in turn when they encountered cases they would contact Ressler

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