Criminal Profiling: Serial Killers

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Criminal Profiling: Serial Killers Starsha Brown Walden University The Nature of Crime & Criminology August 4, 2015 Introduction Criminal profiling is vital when researchers are trying to identify the key characteristics of a serial killer. Profiling will assist investigators with identifying the types of serial killers as well as decreasing the numbers of victims. The more information that is gathered about the serial killer, the quicker the apprehension of the offender will be. In criminal trials, criminal profiles paint a clear picture of the dynamics that surround serial killing and the intense fantasies that provoke serial killers. In this paper, I will discuss the fundamental behaviors and factors of serial killers (Paul Rowles and John Wayne Gacy) that criminal profilers should be aware of in future serial killer cases. Criminal Traits According to researchers, most serial killers are typically Caucasian males, ranging between 25 to 35 years old. There are also additional predicting behaviors that may identify a potential serial killer, especially serial sex offenders. Robert Ressler, Ann Burgess, and John Douglas conducted an expansive study that involved 36 incarcerated serial killers. The focus of the study was to identify common behaviors in the childhood upbringings of the serial killers. 28 of them exhibited behaviors such as “frequent daydreaming, compulsive masturbation, isolation, chronic lying, cruelty to children, running away, and cruelty to animals…27 of these serial killers showed traits for rebelliousness, stealing, poor body image, and temper tantrums”(Jones, 2000). John Wayne Gacy and Paul Rowles displayed several of these pre-indicating behaviors that shouldn’t have been disregarded. Both of these serial killers had previous arrests for sex crimes, but law enforcement didn’t act in an effective manner to keep them from

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