Self Realisation in Look Both Ways Essay

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Self-realization is a key topic in the film Look Both Ways; and each character comes to some form of their own self realization as the story of the characters told. Meryl and Nick’s lives become intertwined they both learn that they can forget their fears of life and commit to a serious relationship with each other. Andy questions his will to live as he has confrontations with his ex-wife and his current lover. Phil also finds his self-realization as the affects of the fatal train accident along with the knowledge of Nick’s cancer diagnosis come into his life bringing him closer to his family. Meryl, an illustrator of sympathy cards is faced with visions fear and death around every corner in her day to day life. When she returns from her father’s funeral at the start of the film, she is witness to an accident where a man is hit and killed by a train where she meets Nick, a photojournalist for a local newspaper who is reporting on the incident. Nick, like Meryl, is faced with death in his life as he was recently diagnosed with testicular cancer. As the two get to know each other they learn that they both suffer from the same fears of death and this leads them to form meaningful relationship with each other which makes them both realize that they can learn to let go of their fears and live their lives. Andy is a journalist for the same local newspaper that Nick works for; during the weekend Andy’s life reaches a climatic point as he toys with the concept of suicide after having to report on the questionable train accident. Andy is put under even more stress as he finds out that his girlfriend, Anna, has fallen pregnant which impacts both of them heavily as neither had planned or wanted a baby. Andy’s ex-wife gives him more to cope with by not trusting him to take good care of his children, and tries to delay their visits with him. As Andy struggles with the

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