Text Analysis: ‘Love, Ghosts and Nose Hair’ & ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ - Grief and Loss

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Text analysis: ‘Love, Ghosts and Nose Hair’ & ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ Grief and Loss Grief and loss are a tragic part of human life. We all deal with it in different ways but from analysing the two texts it is evident that deep down, we aren’t all so different. Throughout ‘Love, Ghosts and Nose Hair’ and ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ we see grief and loss in two different situations. Jack lost his mother to breast cancer when he and his sister were still at a young age. He has learned to adapt without her in his life but her memory still influences every aspect of his life. Josie’s loss is different as it happens when she is older and more mature. Josie’s friend John had been suffering from depression and his father’s need for him to succeed. John felt that he had no other choice but to commit suicide so he overdosed himself to end his life. Even though the two characters are at different points in their lives when they experience their loss, both grieve deeply for their loved one. However, through their heartache they manage to live on, touched by their loved one but no longer plagued by grief. Jack’s technique to deal with grief is a peculiar one: over several years he has created a ‘ghost’ of hit mother. He shares the happenings of his day with the ghost, from the eventful to the mundane and gets advice about what he should do on his first date with Annabel. This is a testament to the closeness of their relationship before his mother’s death. Furthermore, we read about the ghost supposedly doing the kinds of actions that Jack remembers or can imagine his mother doing: ‘In Desiree’s (room), she cleans under the bed, folds the five pairs of Levi’s Des wears for months without washing. In my room, she flips through my poems … the poem glows as I sleep … Once, when I stood to watch, she winked, like an overexcited schoolgirl …’ (There’s a ghost in our house’ p24
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