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Death of a Salesman Death of a Salesman begins with an elder Willy Lowman returning from a failed business trip. His comforting wife, Linda, explains to Willy that he should not need to travel anymore, and expresses to him that she would like to see him work locally. From the start of the play, it is evident that Willy’s mental health is deteriorating, as he had an accident previous to the play and he complained about his state of mind. It is also made clear through several flashback hallucinations that Willy experiences. He and Linda discuss their sons, whom Willy is quite disappointed in, especially Biff. In an effort to quell their father, Biff and Happy, their sons, decide to try and start a business together. Both propositions fail; Biff’s attempt at a loan is met with failure and Willy’s discussion with his boss goes awry. The three have dinner at a local restaurant, where Biff plans to tell his dad of his blunder. When Willy arrives, he refuses to listen to Biff, which angers him. Happy tries to get Biff to lie to his father, which Biff slightly does. Willy falls into another flashback hallucination, one in which his son discovers his affair with a potential customer in Boston. From that moment on, Biff had never looked at his father the same. Back in the Lowman residence, Linda scolds her sons for abandoning her father back at the restaurant. Biff eventually talks with Willy, unable to keep to himself. He says that the Lomans are nothing but ordinary people, and may be replaced overnight. Biff cries in his father’s shoulder, and Willy takes this as a sign of love and respect. In another hallucination, Willy talks with Ben. They discuss the benefits of his suicide, and Willy is convinced that Biff will respect him even more so. He proceeds with his suicide. The last scene takes place at Willy’s grave, where only his family, Charley and his son

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