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Story title: Indian Camp Author: Ernest Hemingway was born on 21st July 1899 in Chicago. He was the second of six children. He was born in hisgrandfather's house, which was located at 439 North Oak Park Avenue. Summary: Dr. Adams gets called to come to an Indian camp to treat a lady who is sick. So Dr. Adams brings his son Nick and Uncle George. They are brought by boat then led through a forest by some Indians. They get to the Indian camp and they go to the hut with the sick woman. Dr. Adams sees that she is pregnant. The woman is having A LOT of trouble giving birth. Then Dr. Adams decides he has to cut her stomach open and do a C-Section. All he has to cut though is his pocketknife. Dr. Adams tells Nick what he is doing and Nick helps him out (like an intern). So some of the Indian men and Uncle George hold the chick down and Dr. Adams starts cutting her open. Dr. Adams has nothing to giver her for the pain and she screams real loud because it hurts like hell. Dr. Adams finally delivers the baby and everyone is happy. Dr. Adams gets pretty cocky because he did a C-Section with a small little knife. But then everyone sees the woman's husband. They find he has committed suicide because he couldn't take his wife's screaming. Dr. Adams tells Uncle George to take Nick out of the hut. The doc feels bad that he brought his young son and his son had to see the bloody pregnancy and the guy's suicide. On the way back, Nick is curious and asks a lot of questions about the childbirth and the suicide. Characteristics (main characters and minor characters): Nick Adams is in the protagonist in the story, the main character, and is described in an implicit way. He’s the only person to be seen from the inside and outside. In the course of the story he goes from just having a slight idea of what it is to die, to actually experience the results of human suicide.

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