How To Write A Physician Assisted Suicide Paper

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Assisted Suicide Misty Fyffe Composition II October 2, 2011 He laid there looking up at me with tears in his eyes. I asked him what was bothering him and he told me everything. He was hurting so bad and all he wanted to do was eat but he knew he couldn’t. He grabbed my hand and put it to his face and said to me “Misty, I know I’m causing you guys so much pain right now as you guys watch me die. I just wish I could die it hurts so much can you please help me.” I picked his head up and laid it on my lap and played with his hair until he fell asleep finally. He laid there crying in his sleep and moving around because he was in so much pain. I had thoughts going through my mind at that moment of going into the kitchen and giving him the whole bottle of pain medication to stop his pain once and for all. I called the hospice nurse into the room and begged her to help him and she said she couldn’t. My baby brother died an excruciating death at the age of 21on April 4, 2006 as he laid his head in my lap. Medically assisted suicide is an event in which a physician honors a patient’s request for a lethal dose of medication. It has become a very emotional and controversial issue for many in the United States. The only state legally allowing medically assisted suicide is Oregon since 1997. Although some feel it is unethical and morally wrong, medically assisted suicide should be legalized to patients who are terminally ill because it would…show more content…
It should be viewed as a humane and graceful way for patients with no other alternatives to die. It prevents an individual who is terminally ill from feeling severe pain and deciding when and how they want to end their life. The suffering a patient goes through is incomprehensible to people who haven’t gone through it. Therefore it shouldn’t be decided by anyone but the individual going through it how long and how much suffering they
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