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Science Investigatory Project Format Essay

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Below is an essay on "Science Investigatory Project Format" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Investigatory Project- Chapter 1 Essay
Below is a free essay on "Investigatory Project- Chapter 1" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.
Making   soap   of   guava   stem   extract

Chapter I

A. Background   of   the   Study
    Taking   a   bath   is   essential   in   our   daily   lives.   Soap   is   needed   in   taking   a   bath,   as   well   as   water. People   enjoy   the   scent,   shapes   and   children   like   it   when   soap turns   into   bubbles.   Whether   use   for   whitening,   for   laundry,   or   for   dishes,   all soaps   are   used   to   clean   our   body.
      The   use   of different   plants   like guava as ingredient   are   the   manifestations of soap. When   soaps   are   used   with   plants, two   uses   are seen:   the   use   of soap   as   whitening   and the   use   of   soap   to   prevent   diseases. Plants   are   used   as   whitening   soaps   because it contains Vitamin C for responsible for whitening. And   some   soaps   use   plants   to   make   soaps   because   it contains antibiotic that prevents infection.
B. Statement   of   the   Problem
    this   research   was   conducted   to   know   how   to make   soap   out   of   the guava  
    Specifically,   it   sought   to   answer   this   question:
    How   to   make   a   soap   out   of   guava   stem   extract?
C. Hypothesis
    If we make a soap out of the guava stem extract, then   it   can   prevent   spread   of  
bacteria,   because   guava   stem   contains   natural   antibiotic   that   prevents   infection.

    The   independent   variable   was   the   usage of   guava   stem   extract.
    The   dependent   variable   was   the   efficiency   of   guava   stem   extract   as   soap.

D. Objective
    This   investigatory   project   aimed   to know   how   to   make   soap   out   of   guava   stem
by   using   the   stem’s   extract...

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