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Mu 2.8 contribute tithe support of the positive environments for children and young people 3.1 explain how effectively care for childrens and young peoples skin hair and teeth. It's part of children's learning about self care and personal hygiene. We can help them do this by encouraging to wash hands before and after eating, after using the toilet and washing their faces with individual flannels. It's also important to teach them the difference between hot and cold water such as red means hit and blue means cold on taps to prevent them burning themselves whilst at the same never leaving a child unattended with water. Babies are different from children they need their nappies changed regularly to prevent any sores or infections and moisturising the skin well. Talking to parents about any allergies or skin conditions their child may have. We also need to teach about sun care and the dangers what it can do to our skin by ensuring parents apply sun screen and providing them with sun hats by sending letters out when the children are in the garden to ensue they have shade to be underneath whist out in the garden. Looking after hair we to need to talk parents about any allergies or conditions as they may require specific products. African-Caribbean children have oil rubbed into their hair wear braids and need less frequent hair washing, Caucasian childrens hair needs different care from African Caribbean such as washing more frequently and brushing. Head lice is common in any setting or school we try to keep it at bay by sending letters home and treat it using lotions or conditioners with a comb. Teeth are important as having healthy milk teeth encourages the healthy adult teeth. To build strong Milk teeth children need calcium, fluoride, vitamins a, c and d. We recommend to brush teeth after every meal but encourage the children to brush int he mornings
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