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Unit 4222-250 Support individuals to maintain personal hygiene Outcome 1 Understand the importance of good personal hygiene 1 Explain why personal hygiene is important. People should have a good personal hygiene to maintain their wellbeing and health. Showering or bathing on a regular basis, washing hair and good overall cleaning of the body can help to kill harmful bacteria which could lead to health problems and illness. By maintaining good personal hygiene is important to peoples social, health, psychological well being. Good personal hyginene helps to prevent or develop infections, illness or bad odours, it also helps with confidence, motivation, body image and self esteem. 2 Describe the effects of poor personal hygiene on health and well being People have to maintain a good standard of hygiene when people do not it affects how their are feeling. Hair - Can become greasy, unkept, smelly and matterd Skin - Can be come dry and start body odours. Because of a build up of sweat in the glands within the skin bacteria increases. Teeth- Another effect of poor hygiene is bad breath which is lack of brushing this allows bacteria to grow or having food in between teeth can start to rot over time so leading to bad breath. Going to denisit regular basis helps to maintain good teeth care. Hands - Washing hands is important regularly throughout the day to ensure bacteria is kept to a minimum as hands carry lots of germs and bacteria which can lead to a number of illness . You should always use hot water and soap. Outcome 2 Be able to support individuals to maintain personal hygiene 3 Support the individual to develop awareness of the effects of poor hygiene Explain to them in importance of good hygiene and how poor hygiene can have a important affect on thier well being. Treat that person with respect and understanding allow them to put
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