Support Individuals to Maintain Personal Hygiene

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Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care (Adults) Support Individuals To Maintain Personal Hygiene Personal hygiene is important because if it’s not carried out it can cause poor health. The effects of poor hygiene can cause skin problems, unpleasant smells and bacterial or parasitic hygiene. When carrying out personal hygiene on individuals, dignity should always be maintained by; •keeping service users covered up whenever possible •always knock and wait before entering a room in case personal care is being carried out. •make sure curtains or blinds are shut. When supporting individuals with personal care there are also risks to your own health. If a service user has an illness you should take appropriate steps to avoid catching it. Some personal hygiene may involve helping to move someone or support them in their movement which can result in hurting your back or another part of your body. Other people may be involved in supporting an individual to maintain personal hygiene. This may be another member of staff or a family member. Some service users may have a poor personal hygiene due to personal issues. Such as being embarrassed about letting someone help them. It could also be because someone doesn’t have the mental ability to understand the importance of personal hygiene. There are also other factors such as depression that could determine an individual’s choice. These underlying issues could be addressed by asking them how they want to do things, a routine. Ensuring they are covered when possible and explaining the importance of good personal
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