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Abstract The objective of the south street seaweed experiment is to make a tincture of iodine. Iodine is used commercially as an antiseptic on cuts and scrapes of the skin. Conceptually, one of the active ingredients of the tincture, iodide, can be extracted from seaweed. By adding the seaweed to water and applying heat energy into the mixture, we were able to extract iodide. After adding Iodine salts, and filtering the mixture our next goal was to test for three important chemicals that must exist in our mixture for it to be a true iodine tincture; Iodine, Iodide Ion and the triiodide ion. After several tests and comparisons of observations with their standards it was found that our tincture had all three chemicals present and therefore was ready for use. Focus Questions * How can I make a pharmaceutical product from seaweed? A pharmaceutical product can be made from seaweed by placing the sea weed in water and using heat energy to interact and break the bonds in the sea weed. Then by filtering, iodide can be extracted which when combined with other substances can make an iodine tincture, that is a pharmaceutical product. * Can a single substance be isolated from a mixture? Yes a single substance can be isolated from the seaweed mixture by using methods such as filtration and evaporation. In our experiment we used filtration using a filter paper funnel to extract the iodide from the tincture. * What is this substance This substance is iodide Confidence Report The aim of extraction, is to separate a part of raw material, using a solvent such as water with heat. A tincture of iodine is a common medicine sold in many pharmacies, used as an antiseptic on cuts of the skin. The objective of the seaweed lab, is to produce a tincture of iodine by extracting Iodide and other components (seen when a mixture of iodine is present), from seaweed. We

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