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Justin Roberts SCI 228 5-18/14 Week 2 ILAB 1) Select a sweetener: Splenda (sucralose) 2) Explore the history of the sweetener (include all of the background on this ingredient- when it was discovered, its composition by whom it was discovered, its chemical makeup, its first use, its sweetening capabilities and what foods it can be used in). Splenda was discovered in 1976 a lab at the University of London, working with the sugar company Tate & Lyle. After extensive safety testing, it was approved by the FDA on April 1, 1993. It was approved for use in Europe by the Scientific Committee on Food in 2002. Sucralose is a substituted disaccharide that is synthesized by the chlorination of the three primary hydroxyl groups, causing inversion of the configuration at the carbon-4 atom from the gluco-analogue to a galacto-analogue. It is a non-nutritional sweetener that cannot be used by the body for energy. Sucralose is extremely useful as an artificial sweetener in the manufacture of foods, beverages, and drugs because it is extremely stable, even at high temperatures and low-pH products and can be used in nearly any product. It is an important consumer product because it does not have a bitter aftertaste like many other artificial sweeteners and because it can be used in baking and cooking. According to the manufacturer, sucralose is used in over 4,000 products across 80 different countries. Like most other artificial sweeteners, sucralose is extremely sweet, about 600 times more than regular sugar. When it is sold to consumers, Splenda is diluted with maltodextrin, a starchy carbohydrate, so that the product only contains 1% sucralose. 3) Discuss safety and the sweetener you have selected. Approximately 85% of sucralose has been shown to not be absorbed by the body and is excreted unchanged. Even in individuals who are described as “heavy users”

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