Dangers Of Energy Drinks

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Dangers of Energy Drinks Red Bull, Monster, One Shot, Feel Good, Bawls, Rock Star, Sparks, Full Throttle. Yup I’m talking about Energy Drinks. There are a few things I’d like to inform you about energy drinks. There are a ton energy drinks on the market today Most of these contain some form of sugar, sugar substitute, vitamins, minerals, herb extracts, and other ingredients, which only scientists can identify. In the 1980’s Jolt Cola was one of the earliest products in the energy drink market, advertising “Twice the caffeine” as other drinks. It was marketed towards teens and college students as a way to get an energy edge and keep you awake, and generally Energized! Then in 1987 came Red Bull which really defined the Energy Drink category. Their slogan “ Red Bull Gives You Wings” with pictures of bulls, with wings, flying. Promoted as a high-powered pick me up and to increase endurance and performance during physical activity. Millions of people are buying these drinks without giving much thought to how good or bad these drinks really are for your body. One of the concerns of energy drinks is the herbal extracts, mainly guarana, which is an additional source of caffeine. Guarana is a plant grown and harvested in the Amazon rain forest. The manufactures of energy drinks are not required by law to reveal how these imported herbs are grown. In other words, they can be grown with the use of toxic pesticides, or irradiated with water that contains sewage run off. Who knows, because there are no regulations regarding how these products are grown. However, the main problem with energy drinks is the combination of products that are basically stimulants. Alone and used in suitable quantities, mostly they are not a danger to the human body. However, these stimulants in combination, can be a completely different story if consumed by the right

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