Easter Lily Case Study Answers

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The Law: Changing lanes or slowdown when approaching a stationary emergency, tow or maintenance vehicle that has its flashing lights activated. (Iowa code section 321.323A) Yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle displaying flashing lights or giving an audible signal by moving over to the right, stopping & waiting until the vehicle has passed before proceeding. (Iowa code section 321.324) 9-volt batteries: Store in plastic containers or in original package they came in, or put black electrical tape over top. When disposing, make sure positive or negative posts are covered w/ electrical tape. Because the positive or negative posts, comes into contact w/anything metal, it could start sparking ‘n if there’s fuel source left – discarded…show more content…
The more bubs, the more days you’ll have blooms. Select one that has a stem filled w/dark green leaves from bottom to top. Remove the yellow anthers b4 the pollen starts to shred. This prolongs the life of the flowers. Keep the soil moderately moist ‘n well-drained at temperatures, around 60 to 65 degrees. Avoid drafts ‘n excess heat ‘n water when the soil surface feels dry. Give the plant bright, indirect natural sunlight. Snacking on buttery macadamias – one of the fattest nuts around – is simmering. Women who ate 4-oz. daily were 62% less prone to post-menopausal weight gain! Macadamias have lots of fiber ‘n more metabolism-boosting monounsaturated fats than any other food. Spring Cleaning Tips: U can make a handy all-purpose cleaner w/equal parts white vinegar, dawn dish-washing liquid ‘n water in a spray bottle. To make glass surfaces ‘n windows sparkle, clean them w/straight vinegar ‘n wipe w/crumbled newspaper. Instead of using a different cleaner for every room in the house, just us ammonia ‘n water…show more content…
Enjoying a 5-oz. glass of red wine w/meals provides excellent blood sugar control. Its rich stores of antioxidants slow the absorption of sugar in the intestines, avoiding damaging post-meal blood-sugar spikes. Not a wine drinker? Eating ¼-cup of red-skimmed peanuts w/your meal provides the same amount of antioxidants. Rose hip powder blocks fat buildup – enjoying 1 T. of this sweet, fruity ‘n slightly tart powder (mix it into smoothies, yogurt or other food) helps block the fat storage that triggers high blood sugar ‘n insulin resistance. Rose hip powder inhibits fat formation in the liver. TIPS: if u prefer, dissolve the powder in a cup of boiling water ‘n drink it as a tea. Fish protects your heart – people who eat at least (3) three fish meals weekly have more heart-healthy HDL cholesterol levels in their blood than less frequent fish eaters. Eating just ¼ tsp. of cinnamon daily is not only proven to control blood sugar. Study found that compounds (cinnamaldehyde ‘n epicatechin) in the spice helps prevent the “tangles’ of protein in the brain linked to Alzheimer’s. *Wheat Belly: Lose the wheat, lose the weight & find your path back to health by Wm. Davis,

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