Athletic Supplement Analysis

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Most people know what an athletic supplement or a supplement in general is. Some might be able to name a few and others might not be able to.Since i was young i've heard of all these supplements and vitamins and took them only if my parents thought they were good for me. I remember takings my Flintstone vitamins and feeling as if i could drive my car by using my own bare feet afterwards. The Vitamin C helped me fight certain sicknesses by strengthening my Immune system, the Vitamin D helped my absorption of calcium for strong bones and teeth, and the Vitamins B6, B12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, & Niacin helped release energy from my food. Ok so now that was when i was young, as i grew older i started hearing about more different finds of supplements…show more content…
It boosts fat loss by increasing your metabolism. It also decreases hunger. you can actually take this supplemtn by grounding up one quarter teaspoon of red pepper or cayenne pepper. I found that supplemtn interesting because it kind of explained why when i went to Buffalo Wild Wings and i ordered the Blazin hot wings. I ate 12 hot wings came home and found out i lost about 2 and a half pounds. That could of been due to how the wings made me sweat, cry, and lose hunger. For gaining mass and strength Creatine is a common choice so i am going to elaborate on it. A lot of people have an issue with creatine saying either that its pretty much steriods or its fake gains. They say its fake gains because Creatine allows the body to retain more water which makes you gain a lot of water weight which appears to make you look Bigger. But Creatine is actually good for you. taking it before workouts helps your muscles get the enery they need to squeeze out rep after rep in the gym. Plus it has a ridiculous amount of health benefits like protecting against heart disease, antioxidant protection, chronic fatigue syndrome, protects brain against damage, skin damage , and helps prevent parkinsons disease. With health benefits like that people should rethink about

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