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1-M3Unit-11 M3. Describe why the identified specific dietary needs require dietary adjustment for the two patients/service users. Malnutrition When a patient is suffering from malnutrition, he/she should have foods that are high in calories. Being a professional nurse, I would especially recommend patients to eat at least 10 times more calories food as healthy people. Because as malnutrition patients are weak and thin, the healthy high calorie food contains high amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It also contains fat that are healthy and well. However, Malnutrition patients should be careful because some of the foods are unhealthy even though they are high in calorie. Some of the healthy high calorie foods that I would recommend for patients are: fruits such as banana which is healthy and contains 115.6Kcals. Fruits juices are as well healthy option such as Orange juice 87.7Kcal per glass, Pineapple 100.0 Kcal per glass, Apple juice 94.9 Kcal per glass. These fruit juices should be taken every day. Moreover, Yoghurts are good for high calorie. There are different types of Yoghurts on the market, fat free, low fat, natural, healthy etc. As a nurse to malnutrition patient, I would recommend him/her to have healthy Yoghurt that is 150g per pot and contains 243 Kcals. Moving on, Malnutrition patients should have or given the food timetable chart. This diet chart will help and improve their health. Patients should have timetable of breakfast, lunch, evening snack, Dinner. For Breakfast, I would suggest a patient to have two slice of white bread that has 66Kcal per slice with jam contains 56 Kcal per table spoon. Patients should also have Porridge (116Kcal per 1 oz.) along with tea. OR patients could choose to have whole milk (146Kcal per cup), cereals (124 Kcal) and boiled egg (77Kcal). Additionally, for lunch it would be best for patients to have

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