School Shootings and Violence:Why?

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SCHOOL SHOOTINGS AND VIOLENCE: WHY? It is a normal day at school. You are eating lunch in the cafeteria. Suddenly gun shots ring out down the hall. Two of your classmates burst through the doors, armed with guns, firing almost aimlessly. They are looking for all the kids who have made their lives miserable! What caused these students to take such sadistic actions? The number of school shootings has risen dramatically in the past twenty years. There has been at least one shooting every year since 1991. Even though violent video games, television, and bullying in schools influence children in negative ways, the children, themselves, have psychological problems, and there is nothing else to blame their violent acts on. One in three students in America does not feel safe at school (Orr). What are the shooter’s reasons for attacking the schools? Some experts conclude that the recent trends of violence in video games and on TV are manipulating children. Nearly half of the video games a typical seventh grader plays are violent or involve killing. The shooters of the Columbine Tragedy, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, were avid players of the games Doom and Quake (Keegan). Both of which are controversial games that have been referred to as “ultraviolent video games” (Sternheimer). But normal, healthy children do not play these games just for the thrill of shooting someone. Jack, a devoted violent computer gamer in his twenties, was interviewed about the games and he replied, “Yeah, saying you like computer games for violence is like saying you like baseball for running. (Keegan)” Jack was also asked his opinions why the games included the act of killing people, “Violence is there to grab people, get into it, and have them say ‘that looks cool!’ But once you get into it, you don’t even notice the violence. You don’t go, ‘Oh, cool he blew up!’” (Keegan).
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