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Comprehensive Treatment Plan Debra Workman UB School of Social Work April 24, 2011 In terms of a comprehensive intervention plan for the target system—19 year old, Stacy, and her three children—there are three levels of practice in which considerations must be made; micro, mezzo, and macro. For each level, it is important to consider the needs of the client, existing resources available, system gaps in service, and ways to empower the client toward improving their system’s functioning (Miley, O’Melia & DuBois, 2011). With Stacy, a strong understanding and application of generalist concepts and principles may prove effective in providing her with the tools and direction needed to handle various day-to-day situations while…show more content…
Objectives to complete this goal: (1) Social worker will research and compile a list of daycare options available to Stacy; (2) Stacy will choose a daycare provider by 5/2/2011; (3) Stacy will complete all necessary enrollment paperwork or procedures for daycare by 5/9/2011; (4) Stacy will bring her two children to daycare and her oldest son to Head Start daily; (5) Stacy will approach her social worker with any questions or concerns she may have regarding the paperwork or enrollment process, or if additional assistance is needed. Micro goal: Stacy will continue her education. Objectives to meet this goal: (1) Social worker will research and compile a list of GED programs in the area; (2) Stacy will contact the GED facility of her choice by 5/16/2011 to schedule a date to take the GEP entrance exam in order to determine her readiness to begin GED classes; (3) Stacy will enroll in the GED Program by 5/19/2011; (4) Stacy will attend at least 85% of her GED classes from the beginning until the end of the program; (5) Stacy will attain her GED diploma following completion of the…show more content…
As an enabler, the social worker must engage the client using varying approaches in order to allow the client to create the conditions needed to succeed (Miley, 2011). The enabler works with the client to meet life challenges and carry out tasks, such as getting enrolled in the GED course and securing daycare services. As a social work broker, it is important to link clients with resources that are available within the community and to provide referrals when necessary (Miley, 2011). In this situation, connecting Stacy with the GED Program and daycare services assume this role set. As a case manager for Stacy, a slight degree of oversight and guidance is useful to both assist in guiding the client toward completing goals and objectives, but also to help empower the client to want to do it themselves. Asking that Stacy attend three meetings at the support group provides a structure and guideline for Stacy but also provides her with a voice to say as to whether or not she finds the group helpful and if she would like to seek out other options. Furthermore, as a case planner for Stacy, being that she is working on her organizational skill development, the social worker must be conscious and on-track when it comes to deadlines and schedules, such as when applications should be turned in to places of employment and how many meetings Stacy has attended at the support

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