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Therapist Interview Caroline Dobay Liberty University May 06, 2012 Therapist Interview Interview conducted with Wendy Silva (Licensed Behavioral Therapist) April 29, 2012 in regards to type of therapy used for counseling children. Mrs. Silva obtained her credentials from Gannon University (1993) an accredited institution located in Erie Pa, where she attending for her Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Science. Mrs. Wendy Silva has been in the profession of counseling for nearly 15 years give or take a few. Mrs. Silva was inspired by personal experience through raising her son, and through the determination of making things better for all children. Her son was diagnosed at a very early age with ADHD, ODD, and Anxiety (NOS), but later re-diagnosed with Bi-polar disorder and Asperger’s disease. Her son is now 26 and can function normally with medication. She was very impressed by those who treated him and so she followed there persistent nudging into the profession. Marcy Rock (art therapist) as well as Dr. Valisman (psychiatrist) and Chris Riozzi (ICM) were all co-workers who helped to encourage Mrs. Silva to enter into her current career. Wendy’s first experience came through working with her own child, which led her to working with children at the Sara A Reed Foundation ( Erie, PA) This is an early intervention Center with an after school behavioral program, where the classroom consisted of 10-12 behaviorally challenged children with only one teacher and Mrs. Silva (aide) When the subject was presented to her she rejected at first with the thoughts of not being able to handle working with children in such a mental state and then returning home with her own child. But she did and over the years she has advanced and has also used experiences from place to place as well as developing curriculum and plans to accommodate the other deserving children. Upon

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