Salvator Dali's "the Persistence Of Memory" Essay

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Salvator Dali’s "The Persistence of Memory" One of the most distinguished works of artist Salvator Dali is his 1931 surreal oil on canvas painting “The Persistence of Memory”. Julien Levy, an American art dealer discouraged the painting telling Dali that it wouldn’t sell, but obviously it did. It even landed Dali on the cover of Time Magazine with his most famous artwork making its way into the Museum of Modern Art and the rest, as they say is history. The Persistence of Memory, when carefully observed in details is a portrait that speaks about the imagination of its artist Salvator Dali. In his imagination, it is sunrise, basing this idea on the colour of the horizon which is yellow slowly fading to green until it completely becomes blue. The big rocks that are located at the top right of the portrait is coloured wrong and the reflection on the water is also wrong. Not that the artist is wrong, of course this is his imagination, it is a surreal portrait so everything happens as the artist wishes. Since the sun is just rising from this angle, the rocks should be darker or covered in shadows since the sunlight is coming from the other side. The refection also should be darker. Located at the top left is plywood that is painted blue on one side and just below it is a pebble. At the lower left area is a wooden platform that has the same brown colour as the brown ground which can be assumed as sand since the sea is nearby. A small tree grows on this platform with a thin branch extending to the right with a melting clock hanging on it. Half of the clock’s face is visible to the audiences, it is a silver pocket watch with a blue face and no cover and the minute hand pointing to number six. Below the tree are two watches. The watch closer to the tree is a gold watch at the edge of the brown platform with its lower half melting away. The clock reads 6:55. A fly is

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