No Country For Old Men Color Analysis

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Analysis of Colors in “No Country for Old Men” (2007) As events of the movie occur on the 70s, the main colors of the movie were yellow and blue, which gave the feel of that time. The collaboration between the cinematography and the production design were so harmonious, as the picture is constantly giving a certain feelings that were constant through out the whole movie, colors were so washed off instead of being hard direct colors, which reflects the feeling of “Old”. The landscapes wide shots were so remarkable due to the unique style of the cinematographer “Roger Deakins” which used overexposure in a stylish way, the landscapes shots were harsh and burnt, the time of day that was chosen for taking those shots were important as almost all the wide shots of landscapes were shot at mid-day, other shots like the river chase and the Mexican mariachi band were captured in a completely different time of the day, early morning I suppose, which gave a contrasted feel. Lights of the interior night scenes were yellowish tungsten all the time, specially the scene when Llewellyn goes back home to his wife after finding the money and the gun. And the scene when he discovered the tractor device inside the money and the time he was expecting Anton arrival to his hotel room, he turned off the side lamp and a spot of light from the streetlights were lighting the doorknob. When remembering the movie, three main colors come to mind, which are yellowish beige, blue, and black. In addition to shy green brought in some specific scenes like the last scene when the sheriff is telling a story, on his background there was a window showing a green tree in middle of a beige atmosphere, same use of green were in an earlier point in the movie, when Llewellyn were waking in the desert after his failure hunting of the deer, there was a wide shot of the desert in the middle of it

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