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Running Head: ELEMENTS of SEABISCUIT!! Elements of Seabiscuit February 17, 2011 Submitted By: Adrian Martinez English 2341 Abstract The goal for the director and producer of this movie was to mainly tell a story of a time like the great depression. The true life stories an undersized horse and an oversized jockey is just what they needed. This film has elements of every order to analyze and define. This film “Seabiscuit” directed by Gary Ross is the best example of cinematography and all the elements of what a great movie is. Elements of Seabiscuit What kind of film can make it to a Grammy Nomination? What connection does it need to have to keep a viewer interested? When Gary Ross put this film together this is what he thought of. The best movie to combine the film terms of a perfect setting, characters, sound, and perspective. These elements were used so perfectly and so fluently that it nominated for some of the most prestigious awards a movie can grasp. Seabiscuit was chosen for many as 25 awards such as the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award. It won the ASCA for most Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Theatrical Releases. Despite its title, this movie is not about the legendary horse, Seabiscuit. As far as the story is concerned, Seabiscuit does not exist until after the beginning of Act Two, over forty minutes into the film. The story is generally about three men, and how they all connected with the journey that leads them to each other. The first part of the film explored the backstories of the three main characters. Besides all the characters living through the great depression there is no real relation to each other, other than every one of the main characters lost something in their life. The back story shows how the path they took led them all to seabiscuit. This film is a slow paced drama that is important for the

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