Personal Narrative: Car Crushing Garage Door

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Car Crushing Garage Door At approximately 3:00 pm on Monday the 25th of February 2008 at the Barry County Sheriff’s Office, I was sitting dispatch in control 1. I heard over the radio that Officer Rick Argo from the Hastings city police made an arrest and was enroute to the jail. It was a typical Monday where nothing was going the way it should. At 3:05 pm Officer Argo arrived at the jail. I opened the sally port overhead door for him to pull his Tahoe in, at the same time there was a Barry County Mental Health representative exiting the jail through the hall door. So at this point I had my hand on two buttons, the sally port garage door close button and the hallway door. When the representative knocked on the door, indicating that she wanted out, my initial instinct was to push the button with my middle finger. So I pushed the button that my middle finger was on, which happened to be the close button for the garage door. Right then I was watching the camera in the garage as the overhead door was lowering, and the Tahoe was in its path. At that point I had tried to push the stop button and found out that it doesn’t work, when at the same time Officer Argo heard the motor and…show more content…
and it was Hastings city police Sergeant Jim Lee. I answered and Sergeant Lee called me a “Bone Head”. Then Sergeant Lee stated that he needed to talk with Under Sheriff Baker. I then transferred the call into the Under sheriff. Ten minutes later Under Sheriff Baker steps into control 1, and says “Tell me… How’d it happen?” So I told him exactly how it happened, and he said “Well… the door took the radio antenna off of the Tahoe, now the Tahoe is out of service.” And then he left. At 4:00 pm I told Liz Forbes the person relieving me of my duties, what I had done. She laughed quite loudly and said “I’d be quick to get out of here if I were you.” So I took her advice to heart and left without saying another word to

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