Sally May Fisher Assessment Essay

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Following Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the priority of care should follow this order: physiological needs, safety concerns, sense of belonging, self-esteem and self-actualization. (McLeod, 2011). Considering the assessment data of our patient, Mrs. Sallie Mae Fisher, the care should be addressing, a) Physiological problems: 1. Dehydration, as evidenced by dry mucosa, low blood pressure 90/66, report of constipation (no bowel movement in 3 days), and possible cola products consumption; 2. Constipation, is diminished bowel movement accompanied with discomfort of hardened or dry stools (Myers, Gulanick, Galanes, Klopp, & Puzas 2002 P. 42). As evidenced by patient admit nurse reported no bowel movement in 3 days and hypoactive bowel sounds accompanied by s/ssx of dehydration and imbalanced nutrition evidenced by statement “sick of my stomach.” 3. Imbalanced nutrition, ingestion of less than body requirements (Myers et al., 2002 P 113). Less than sufficient food intake as evidenced by lack of appetite, weakness, confusion “my mind seems too cloudy”, and documented unintentional or unwanted significant weight lost. Patient lost 14 lb. in one week. b) Safety problems: Compromised safety awareness, evidenced by reported weakness and confusion. Supported by statements of “my mind just feels so cloudy” and failing to remove or fix the rug; patient’s poor safety awareness could be aggravated further by patient’s non-compliance with oxygen supplementation orders and noncompliance with physician’s orders, as evidenced by denial of the need to use oxygen when findings at hospital were determined to be necessary. c) Self-esteem problems: Ineffective coping is a lack of ability or desire to response appropriately or according to every day challenges (Myers et al., 2002 P 47) as evidenced by statement of “I just don’t work a lick”, “since Woody died. I don’t even

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