Rebecca Collier Essay

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The problem on hand is that Rebecca Collier, an undergrad commerce student, was participating in a 24-hour strategy assignment with three other males; two of them her very close friends, and the last male, a total stranger. As the day went on, Collier persistently began to notice that as the three males bonded, her relationships and sense of security deteriorated. A dysfunctional reaction to stress that Rebecca engaged in was her inability to fully deal with the stressors, as she became a victim of behavioral and psychological reactions. To be more specific, behaviorally, her work performance declined as she mentally withdrew from her team. Blaming the previous events that had unfolded earlier that day, “Collier had been unable to concentrate on her work and was seriously lagging behind” (Lewis, 4). Tensions rose within the team, leaving Collier “feeling completely helpless and disoriented” (Lewis, 4). In general, problem solving is directed toward terminating the stressor or reducing its potency. As observed through the case study, withdrawal fails to attack the stressor directly. Rather, Rebecca seemed to be “attempting short-term reduction of the anxiety prompted by the stressor” (Johns G., & Saks A.L., 2014). On the other hand, a functional reaction that Rebecca engaged in was compensation, a defense mechanism. Rebecca felt incapable of communicating her feelings because she did not want to jeopardize the group’s cohesiveness, so instead of confrontation, she rationalized that it would perhaps be better to “contribute to the group as effectively as possible through her written work” (Lewis, 4). Compensation is applying one’s skills in a particular area to make up for failure in another area, with those failures namely being her withdrawal and bitterness towards her team (Bataille, Stress 55). Compensation is “used to temporarily reduce anxiety, benefiting both
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