Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc.

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Problem Solution: Harrison-Keyes Inc. Harrison-Keyes has thought the implementation of a new project would be easy. They thought with their project plan that it would be complete and meet expectations. This ignorance on their part has proven costly for their venture into the latest publishing output, e-books. This paper includes the problem and some solutions on the issues facing Harrison-Keyes during their project implementation of e-books. Harrison-Keyes was not correctly prepared when they initiated their e-book project. The new CEO Meg McGill has made it clear that she wants the e-book program to be successful. The lateness on the project has created a negative perception of the project. The company has not performed an effective project. Harrison-Keyes failed to get the support of the authors and it failed to communicate the program or the way they are approaching it. They have several issues that range from internal to external. It can be seen through Will Harper, which the companies number one author. The other would be Pete Ross, which is heading the project. Their current CEO, Meg McGill, is the person responsible for this e-book project. An external player would be Asia Digital, which is the company that has the e-book contract. Describe the Situation Issue and Opportunity Identification Harrison-Keyes has failed to meet their deadlines and has made this into a reoccurring problem for them. This has given a negative reaction from the company about this new venture. The problem has been the result of many potential issues that can be corrected. They include communication problem due to the different time zone, potential culture clashes, or lack of effort from Pete Ross. The opportunity for them is to place an office in India; this can be a hands on project for an employee of the company. The employee would need to take classes on

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