Romero's Shirt

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Stephanie Rivera 01/30/15 ENC1102 Prof. Riobueno “Romero’s Shirt” Journal Response As I began my journey through “Romero’s Shirt”, I was extremely intrigued. Juan Romero is described as a reliable and hard-working man who does anything he can to make the money he makes to support his family. At the beginning of the piece the reader learns that Juan loved what he did but the money he made wasn’t always great. I couldn’t help but compare myself to this man. Although I am young and have barely stepped foot into the real world, I know what it is like having to struggle with money. There are plenty of times that I work like a slave and still don’t have enough for food, clothing, medical expenses, and etc. Luckily, I have my parents. We keep reading and we find that Juan is a very selfless man when it comes to his family. “…for his children he tried to offer more-an assortment of clothes for his daughter, lots of toys for his sons. He denied his wife nothing, but she was a woman who asked for little”, page 304. I grew up with parents who believed in Juan’s morality and have raised me to believe in the same as well. There came a time in his life that Romero wanted more than what he had, which made sense considering the fact that most people are often out to attain better things in life than the ones they already have. Juan began to realize he didn’t need anything better to live a better life. He found quality in his family life and in the place they called “home”. He stopped dwelling on materialistic things. As the story continues to unravel, Romero hires an old man to do some work on his lawn. Even though he wasn’t really able to afford it, he decided to help out the old man regardless of his financial situation. He takes a nap only to realize that his favorite shirt had been stolen. It was a plaid
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