Themes And Symbols In Romero's Shirt By Dagoberto Gilb

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In Dagoberto Gilb’s story “Romero’s Shirt,” Romero’s plaid Pendleton shirt seems like an insignificant object at first, but gains symbolic significance as the story progresses. Juan Romero, a husband and father, was born and raised in Mexico in a family that had close to nothing. After moving to El Paso from Mexico he realized that there wasn’t much available to his family as a child and wanted different for the family he made with his wife. He cherished his plaid Pendleton shirt because to him it was more than a shirt, it was something he could wear anywhere and everywhere and it symbolized all the hard work he had done to make sure his family had a life that they deserved. Romero was an extremely hard worker and did whatever he could to provide for his family. When he moved to El Paso he considered himself a handyman doing odds and end jobs with nothing out of the question, “he hangs wallpaper and doors, he paints, lays carpet, does just about anything someone will call and ask him to do” pg 393. He sacrificed…show more content…
Losing something that he is so connected to because of what it represents to him bothers him so much he stares out the window hoping the individual who took it would walk by with it on. These are not reactions most people would have when losing a shirt. Only because Romero grew up not having much and he bought this shirt with his own money before he had began his life with his wife did this shirt mean this much to him “Romero constantly had to discipline himself by remembering the past, how his parents lived; he had to teach himself to appreciate what he did have” pg
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