Robert Pickton: Canada's Worst Serial Killer

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Serial Killer Robert Pickton began is killing spree in 1991 by 1995 he became a fully functioning serial killer. A pig farmer by trade Robert Pickton of Port Coquitilum BC, the convicted serial killer was charged with more than 26 murders. A serial killer is someone who kills at least three victims one by one in a serious of sequential murders; with an emotional cooling-off period in between the homicides.” Robert Pickton, a local pig farmer living on his farm in Port Coquitlam, is a serial killer. He is known as Canada’s worst serial killer; convicted of killing six women and charged in the deaths of twenty more women. Many of his victims were prostitutes and drug users from Vancouver’s East side. Pickton’s killing has shocked and stunned…show more content…
As a child Pickton grew up in poverty with family members always looking for money. They worked hard; he describes it as "It was not too bad. It was a nice life, but it was a hard life, adding there was always food on the table. He prided himself on the mechanical expertise he developed, Pickton was advised to get some training at a body shop, but he wanted to learn on his own. He explained that he was not set on this earth to follow in someone else’s footsteps and that he simply wanted to make his own mistakes. Pickton is described as a momma’s boy, his father was not involved in raising the children, his mother Louise may have done the best she knew how to but she was eccentric and tough. A workaholic who ran the family meat business in Port Coquitlam, Louise supervised the kids, expecting them to put in long hours slopping pigs and looking after other animals, even on school days. At one point during his boyhood, people told me, when Willie wanted to hide from someone, he would crawl into the gutted carcasses of large…show more content…
Although, There was a tremendous amount of damning evidence against Pickton that the jurors deciding his fate did not hear during his year-long trial in 2007, including an allegation from a sex-trade worker that he nearly stabbed her to death. A series of behind-the-scenes legal rulings meant explosive Crown evidence was kept from the jury, which ultimately found Pickton not guilty of first-degree murder in the deaths of six women, but guilty of the lesser charge of second-degree murder. Whether the six murders Pickton was convicted of committing were sex crimes was never debated during the trail, because the victim’s remains did not provide the evidence. When prosecutor Michael Petire told the jury at the end of the prosecution‘s case on August 13, 2007 that he was “satisfied the evidence the Crown should be calling has been called, “what he surely meant was that he had called the evidence he was allowed by the law to reveal to the jury. Some of the information such as most of the evidence pertaining to the other 20 victims was held back from the jury after the judge ruled in August 2006 that Pickton should face two separate trials; the first one on six counts, and the second one on 20 counts. Even after the severance ruling, the Crown still wanted to tell the jury about the ground mean containing the DNA of Feliks and Hall, as well

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