Romans and the Christian Worldview

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ROMANS AND THE CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW The goal of this assignment is to interact with the text of Romans in order to express what it teaches regarding the Biblical Worldview. Moo sketch the circumstances that we needed to know to apprehend accurately what God wants to teach us today through his inspired words in this letter to the Romans. In Romans 1 Paul teaches that there is such a thing as natural revelation. Paul seems clear; “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made” (v. 20). Not only has God left clear evidence of himself in the world he has made, but this evidence is actually perceived by people: It is “clearly seen” “God has made it plain to them” (v. 19). Most theologians have, therefore, rightly concluded that alongside “special” revelation—God’s acts and their authoritative interpretation in Scripture—we must also place “natural” revelation—God’s disclosure of information about himself in the world. Romans 1 clearly demonstrate that all people have heard God’s revelation of certain truths about himself in the world, and all people have access to that truth. Every person is guilty of rejecting that knowledge of God universally available. God reacts to the human decision to turn from him by consigning people to the consequences of their actions. As Paul will show, this involves an ever-increasing cycle of sin, but he highlights sexual sins. Just as God spoke to the original audience, so he still speaks to us through the pages of Scripture. The common humanity with the people of the Bible is evident, we discover a universal dimension in the problems they faced and the solutions God gave them. Those who fail to recognize that Scripture is both timely and timeless run into a host of problems. In our human nature we choose to rebel

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