The Gospel Message

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DB Forum Module 4 The Gospel Message 1. In our culture the gospel message is often perceived as just another path that leads to God. People often reject the gospel message because they feel like it does not include everyone. Therefore, if everyone cannot be included then the gospel message has to compromise or it may not be accepted. That thought pattern is rooted in sin and rebellion because the gospel message is centered on repentance of sin and accepting Jesus as Lord. It is not centered on people living as they like and expecting God to adjust his precepts to us in that spiritual state. 2. This culture has become so morally loose until morality is almost non-existent. To live a moral life according to the gospel message is perceived as being too restrictive to a large number of the populace. The evidence of this mind set is clearly revealed through the moral decline among political and Christian figures as well as an explosion in pornography on the internet and other arenas. 3. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been hurt by the church. It may have been something that was done to an individual personally or it may have been a Christian leader who fell into sin that was made public. People often place their leadership in the position that should belong to God. When that happens and something goes wrong with the leadership people’s feelings are wounded and bruised. These emotions may cause people to stray away from or even leave the church. For those who are not saved, these incidents may cause them to reject God and the gospel message. 4. There are things in the gospel message that we must believe by faith. They cannot be rationalized as man denotes reason. For the intellectual individual this becomes a hard place because intellect seeks answers that can be proven through normal channels of thought. However, the Bible clearly tells us that God uses the
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