Five Reasons Jesus Spoke in Parables

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Five (5) Reasons Why Jesus Spoke In Parables To Give His Enemies No Ground The enemies of Jesus were always waiting for him to say something they could use against him (Luke 11:53-54). By speaking in parables, Jesus was making it very hard for them. He could hardly be arrested for telling homely stories. To Enlighten The True Hearted Jesus took advantage of occasions when multitudes flocked to hear him speak. Through the parables he could enlighten those whose hearts were sincere and receptive and who were hungering and thirsting for righteousness (Matt 5:6). The word heart (by coincidence) starts with the word hear. The good heart hears God’s word, understands it, and seeks to know more about the kingdom of heaven and God’s will. In the parables people found what they were looking for. To Make People Think Jesus knew that not everybody would understand or give proper thought to his parables. Some people tune their hearts and ears to God’s word, whilst others deliberately block their ears to God’s voice. Yet others neither tune nor block their ears Jesus told parables to challenge such folk. To Divide into Two (2) The parables not only make people think, they also make people choose. They bring people out of the grey area into the clearly black or white. The parables were a winnowing fork for Jesus, by which he was able to separate the wheat from the chaff. To Fulfil Prophecy So Jesus spoke in parables because the scriptures said he should, and “The Scripture cannot be broken” (John

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