Cadaver Who Join The Military Essay

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The majority of people would consider the body to still be important following death but some people would not consider it to be imperative at all. We often wondered what would happen to our body after we depart this life, but what would we actually think if we knew some of our body going to be utilized as an experiment? A lot of us would just consider the idea of our body being manipulated just really crucial. In the “Cadaver Who Joined the Army” they were using dead bodies to test bullet proof vest. The reason why they want to make the bullet proof vest over, so that it can be “thick and unyielding enough to stop bullet without making it so heavy and hot and uncomfortable so that officers won’t wear it” (Roach, 162). The whole concept of the reason why they…show more content…
For instance, let’s consider what most Christians view of using dead body as experiments would be like. Many Christians consider everyone to be a creation of God, so how would they feel if they only new what people where doing to those bodies that have been created. The majority of Christians would consider this very distasteful because of the fact they are destroying God creation and using it as a sacrificial item. Even in God’s Christian Warrior, many of the Christians were strong believer of God and they knew that this would be very wrong in the sight of God, using the body as a dummy, but just because they considered this to be wrong other’s religion consider this not to be a problem at all. Take for example, the Muslim’s in God Muslim’s warrior they were very sacrificial. Numerous amounts of Muslims use themselves as manmade bomb anyways. They figure if they are doing in the name of “Allah”. Plus if they figure it would help them then they would consider this to be good. But they both must understand the use of it and the benefits that using the bodies can

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