Bibl 110 Biblical Worldview

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Introduction In Paul’s letter to the Romans, he addresses some important aspects of Christian life. You could almost call this letter “biblical Christianity 101”. Paul touches on many subject from God’s wrath against mankind, which serves as a warning concerning turning away from the Lord, to our attaining peace and life through the blood of Christ. He tells of how God’s plan goes beyond redeeming his people Israel, but to the redemption of all mankind. Using the patriarch Abraham as a reference he shows that even Abraham was not justified by his own actions, but by faith alone. It was his faith, the yielding of his heart, and resulting justification that came before he was circumcised. Throughout the letter we see the state of man, and find that the solution is not to simply be a better person, but to submit totally to the will of God, and accept the blood of Jesus in faith, knowing that it is by faith that we are saved (Romans 5:1). The Natural World Paul teaches us that we are to worship the creator, not the created. In his description of the foolish actions of mankind, he tells of how in their folly men traded the glory of God for images of their own creation designed to look like men, birds, and animals (Romans 1:22 & 23). This is a blatant turning away from God, the maker of heaven and earth to worship the things that God created. This is not unlike the nation of Israel who created and worshipped a golden calf when they got tired of waiting for Moses to come back down from the mountain (Exodus 22). God’s creation is indeed beautiful, and there are wonders to behold. But we must allow the glories of nature to turn our hearts to the glory of the Lord. Human Identity Mankind is the creation of God, the pinnacle of his creation. It was not until God had finished creating everything else in the world that he created man. We are made in God’s image,
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