The Perfect Priest

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Ashley Thompson Religion Essay One Jesus; the Perfect Priest In the text of Hebrews five through seven, Jesus completely describes what it is to be everything a priest is meant to be. It is said to be someone who sacrifices for sins, and Jesus was the perfect sacrifice. Also, the perfect priest is supposed to be someone who is gentle with those who are ignorant and completely deriving from the path that is set for Christians to live as. The perfect priest is said to be appointed by God, and there’s really no one else that can honestly say that Jesus was not meant for that role. God even said to us that Jesus was the priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. It is said that Jesus deserves the role of this high standing because he was human made perfect because of His reverent submission and not giving into temptation and sin. He was made perfect by God to be the sacrifice for all of man’s sins for eternal salvation. Compared to Jesus, we are only infants. Jesus is teaching us long before we even understand what God’s grace is. There is so much more than just the fundamentals of Christ’s teachings that we need to learn. We, as Christians need to understand that it’s about living as Christ did on this Earth before He went before us and to continue living in Him. We can’t accept the true nature of what Christ crucified for us then turn our backs on Him, because that’d be like stomping on His name. It’d be re-crucifying Jesus. Instead, we must look at the goodness of this teacher, this high priest and understand his teachings. It is said that when God gives a word, it is done and promised. For example, God promised to Abraham all the blessings he desired if his work was done for God. And God delivered that promise. So why shouldn’t we believe God when he says that Jesus is the priest forever in the order of Melchizedek? Melchizedek is the king of Salem and the
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