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Special Purpose: To inform my audience about the history of the Rolling Stones INTRODUCTION ATTENTION DEVICE: Back when I was a child, my dad would play his CDs during our car lone rides, but one songs always caught my attention “I can’t get no satisfaction.” I asked my dad who was behind this catchy song, he told me it was a famous band from Britain, the Rolling Stones. I discovered more songs and I quickly I had fallen in love with the music of Rock n’ Roll. TOPIC REVELATION:In a few minutes I will inform you about the Rolling Stones. SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENT: The British invasion had taken over the U.S., in which British bands rose to popularity and gained fame this included the Beatles, the Who, the Kinks, and none other than…show more content…
D. After wanted to expand their band they added Bill Wyman ( the bassist), and the Charlie Watts (the drummer) E.As said that the members made their first appearance on July 12, 1962 under the name of the Rolling Stones. 1. They got their name by the Muddy Water song Rollin’ Stone. II. Lets rock on over to the next topic to the rise of the Rolling Stone Fame. A.The Rolling Stone got ahold on a 8 month-resiendecy at the Crawdaddy Club. 1. According to that after the first time they played people started to line up outside of the streets that the club was forced to move to a bigger venue. B. Andrew Oldham manager-producer gave them the opportunity to sign with Decca Records in May of 1963 information by 1.He believed the Stones had a chance in the music industry because they were different from the Beatles and aside they would epitomize the darker, bluesier, and bold side of Rock n’ Roll counter point of the sunny side like the

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